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The following messages of condolence and symbols
have been added in memory of Therese.

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Messages Placed

Estelle (Essie) Meos on 9 February, 2020 at 8:06am

Dear Therese
I love you very much and I am feeling very sad right now that you have died.
I loved it when:
• We cooked together
• We were reading books together and you let me sit on your shoulders
• You gave us water to play with outside and we made a pool in the sand pit
• We went to the big house and played with Phil
• You and Phil were silly and made me laugh
• You gave me cuddles, they always made me feel happy
• You took us on bushwalks and we tried to find treasure
• I did some paintings at your house
I miss you very much Therese.
I hope you are OK Phil.
Lots of love from Estelle / Essie Meos
(Family Day Care 2017/2018)

Sally and Laurie Port on 6 February, 2020 at 5:36pm

Hi Phil, Tom, Kayte and Polly,
I was so very sorry to hear (only recently I'm afraid) of Therese's illness and we are so very sorry for her passing. She was such a happy, positive vibrant girl with an enormous giving heart. She will leave a huge hole in your lives but her legacy of seeing life with her cup well and truly full will perhaps help you all to move forwards whilst for ever holding your memories of you time with her as a mother, wife and friend closely in your hearts. Laurie wasnt able to come to the funeral as he's in Canberra at the moment but I came. It was so lovely to hearing everyone speaking of Therese for such love and respect for the generous human being that she was. We wish you all well and send you our love and thoughts. xx

Sue and Ken Bushnell on 6 February, 2020 at 11:57am

Dear Phil, Tom, Kayte and Polly,
We are so sad for the passing of your dear wife and mother, Therese.
Her vibrant energy, joy and humour, her diligent care and love children was very much appreciated by our family.
We are very grateful that she was the one who cared for Cathy, Michael and Tom during their early years.
We are also very grateful for the support you all gave Therese and your generous spirit in welcoming all those who came to share your home.
The service you gave to us and others is very special and so vital in creating and preserving the fabric of community.
May you all have peaceful hearts in knowing Therese's love for you. You were very generous and brave in sharing your reflections of Therese and your family at the funeral. Awesome!
We pray for your healing in your grief and support in the journey ahead.
With Love,
Sue and Ken

Nisha, Nigel, Archie and Sid Palfreyman on 5 February, 2020 at 8:54pm

Therese was everything that is right in the world. She sparkles with life, energy and laughter. She was looking after Sid and Arch and we were devastated when that stopped due to the illness. We felt so lucky to have her care for our boys with a depth of humour, compassion and love that we have rarely seen in anyone else. Dropping them off was so much easier knowing they were with her and that she genuinely connected with not only them but us too. It was a highlight of the day to snatch minutes with her at drop off and pick up. Every time we walk in Peter Murrell we smile and think of the fun times she had with the boys exploring the bush. Thanks to Phil, Tom, Kayte and Polly for sharing your wonderful wife and mother with so many families. We are so much richer for having had her in our lives.

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