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John Guy Groves 29 September 1947 – 8 January 2022


29 September 1947 – 8 January 2022

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Sharon Groves

I was so lucky to have such a caring, loving dad. Your lessons will remain with me over my life time. Besides fishing, you taught me strength, courage and love. You fiercely protected us when needed. Memories of you will remain in my heart forever. Love always dad x

Jim Dent

John was on the panel for my interview for a position with Hobart ARFF, he made me feel comfortable right from the start! There was 2 of us who were lucky enough to get the job and we had two days at Hobart, at the morning tea break we were sitting around having a yak when one of the guys asked which of us were an electrician, to which the other guy did he was as good as finished his apprenticeship which he did at a later date, they then turned to me and said you must be the panel beater?? I did diety fellas I put the dents in, not take them out! They all turned to Grover to complain, he just shrugged his shoulders and told them at least he got one out of two!! I'll miss his sense of humour, he got me quite a few times over the years, RIP Grover!

Sarah-Jayne & Avito Nakalevu

Growing up with John & Susie just up the road, was like having grandparents nearby! John was Godfather to my brother, Stuart (and Susie my Godmother). Needless to say many memories were made and will be fondly remembered. In 2013, we invited them to be part of our dual wedding experience in Fiji. One in the village with a traditional ceremony, the other on the beach on one of the Fijian Islands. Needless to say, they were delighted to be invited and John & Susie took their first, and I believe only, international holiday! We were so blessed to have John & Susie with us on our special day. Much love and thanks to both of you for all your love and time over the years.

Sarah-Jayne & Avito Nakalevu